Doctor Bell New.jpg

Doctor Bell is an esteemed Grave Robber who has found a business in monetising his rare and unique skills acquainted with the Gravemind. For any procedure you want him to do, there is always a price and a brief waiting period. Aside from this he also offers the services of protection for the town. Once a month he sends in his assistant, Bernard, to collect a willing subject to undergo Doctor Bells experiments.

These experiments don’t always result in death, but there is a chance they will. No one ever remembers what happened during this procedure because Bell removes their memories of what happened. Going through the procedure to regain your memory, or even owning the print to do so while in the town of Eerie, is against the law and punishable by any means he sees fit.

In return for the test subject Doctor Bell prevents all Zed who have the ability to cut right through your neck from being able to enter the town. Of course, there are some monstrosities much larger than us as a whole he can not stop. But, if the town is faced with one of those he can give a good warning and attempt to keep it at bay while everyone prepares for the battle.

This isn’t just where his generosity stops. Doctor Bell has an entire compound of the sick and poor he takes care of and brings back to full health before sending them back out into the wasteland. All services that Eerie pays for is used to heal and protect these people. But, what he is trying to create in these test subjects is still a mystery to us all.

If you ever want to get a message to Doctor Bell or ask for a service you can always drop a letter to the Post Office or send in a personal plot request through the website. On occasion he will make an appearance, without prompt, on Saturday nights.