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Sir Harold Von Brooke is a local Pure Blood who runs the only working Radio Station in Eerie. Recently a Radio Tower located inside of Eerie was upgraded enough to play a siren when the town is about to be attacked, but not quite enough to boost a signal of music or words. This siren will only play when massive threats are coming, as the sound alone is enough to attract even more of the Undead and Raiders and therefore not worth it unless the town surely needs a warning. This gives the town a chance to ready up while the threat comes in.

The kind of technology needed to broadcast has long since been lost to the Wastelands and Von Brooke has used the only working equipment he has to set up outside of the town of Eerie for the most people to enjoy. If you’ve read the posted rumors or listened to the broadcasts, you hear them on your way into town.

Every Sunday he will come into town and offer advertising services. For only $5 Jacks you can have him advertise any message (within the rules) that you want to the Radio for the people to hear on their way into town next month.

Sir Harold Von Brooke has been around Eerie for quite some time. Because of his neutral stance and the entertainment he offers through the radio everyone has always allowed him to remain in peace. When the Shatter Stones retreated long ago due to the Lascarians, they boarded him up in his tower on their way out to protect him. Upon their arrival he has finally been set free to rejoin the society and is now calling himself the “Mayor.” He may seem a little… whacky, but he always means well.