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The Truber family is mostly a collection of Natural Ones, Nation of Ascensors and Rovers who are mostly apart of a Nuclear Family. Aside from the Nuke Fam, there have been faithless, Sainthood and the likes who have also settled here. Trubers believe technology is a threat to their way of life and prefer to use blood, sweat, and tears to plow their fields and harvest their crops. Through this method, they believe they can raise strong, healthy people. For this reason, the only faith they will not allow to join them in their home is the Darwins.

The Truber look kindly on survivors who not only hold the same values of hard work as they do but also take care of the land and treat it with respect.  This closely knit group has defended their homes against all threats both from the Gravemind and the greed of others. Their traditions keep them safe and they will tolerate no threat to the lives that they have built.

Jebidiah Truber, the patriarch of the families (may he rest in peace), nursed Tomatoes back from the verge of extinction from a single seed. To maintain their survival, they are always willing to trade their Tomatoes for scrap, farming tools, money, and Old World Religious objects.

Due to the Shatter Stones reclaiming their land, most of the Trubers have been wiped out as a casualty of war. They took what tomatoes that weren’t ruined and moved to the lands West of Eerie. Much to their dismay, they are now on the other side of a river that divides them from what used to be the Labor Radicals Commune’s(LRC) radiation fields. The radiation fields are now being populated by a group that calls themselves the Lab of Lost Knowledge. The Trubers are just as grumpy with the Lab as they were the LRC because of their scientific beliefs. But, they maintain a civil relationship because the Lab provides the Rad Rods to fertilize their lands and, in return, the Trubers give them food from their crops.


If you wish to visit the Trubers during your NPC shift you can. This will serve as no mechanical benefit, but you will get a story to go back into game with and possibly grow NPC relations (for better or for worse)!

If you are interested in joining or creating a character from this family you can be any strain and any faith so long as it is not Darwin. Please submit your request via the Contacting Staff tab on our website.