What is lost will always be found... and the dead are never truly dead.

The Drowned Market spend their entire year scouring the bottoms of the Once Great Lakes to find any useful items they can from scraps, Old World Religious Objects to… interesting wonders. They are made entirely of Full Dead and Unborn and no one knows how they came to be. The only thing any of the people of Eerie know is that they have always been here in the shadows of the settlement.

Watching. Learning. Scavenging.

When a member of their “family” dies the Drowned keep their remains out of the Gravemind’s reach by means they won’t disclose to anyone. The only thing we know is that eventually, whether that be 10 or 100 years, their dead rise again with mutated and rotting flesh.

Once a year in September they host a Market to sell all they have found in the lakes to fund their next year of survival. Not only that, but these people also accept blood tributes from the town. If a blood tribute is made during the Market the people will be rewarded with brews specific to a strain, but that doesn’t mean it will be yours. If a generous enough blood tribute is made outside of the Market the Drowned will offer their knowledge to the entire town. If a letter is sent to the Drowned they will send a representative sometime during the same trade meet to collect the tribute blood and answer 3 questions in front of the whole town.. Or a small party.

They will only do this once a trade, and they know how to keep a secret. If you wish to use the knowledge of these ancient people,your local Post Worker can send a message to them for you.