The Origin of The Steel City of Eerie
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The last we heard from the Snakes Bend area, a disease had spread throughout the inhabitants. Due to the bravery and dog'eared determination of its residents the spread of the Blood worms was halted.

However, in the coming months that disease had mutated in the surrounding population and began to spread. Towns started to disappear and people were left to avoid this new disease at all costs. Roads, buildings, and production areas were left in such a state that towns had fallen off the map, and trade had all but ceased. Those who survived left.

Rumor has it this disease was the source of the Hunger plague that traveled south to Eden and to the very edges of the Frozen North. What survivors there were of this small region banded together and headed north to avoid the heaviest areas of the plague that had appeared to spread south.

These survivors and those they collected on their way passed many towns and populations destroyed by this menace. Raiders ran freely and had claimed most of these fallen towns and production centers, producing horrific brews and weapons from the scavenged ruins.

The survivors began to fall. Each day as their group was joined by those they encountered on their journey, twice as many disappeared or were lost to exposure, starvation, dehydration, and raider attacks.

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Skirting around the Steel City, much of the original group had been lost to the ravages they had to endure. They came upon an area a bit north of the city where a large group of Rovers welcomed them to set up and rebuild. The neighboring factions were nothing if not accommodating to this newfound population, one that they as as potentially being able to bring production and wealth to the region where the three rivers flowed and new Herbs can be found. Exhausted and completely out of supplies, the survivors voted to stop traveling as the Frozen North would have eaten these poorly supplied people. So here they stay to try and build a future.


Regardless of what happened to the previous residents here, the survivors decided that this time they were going to get it right.