Semper Mort tubes are sprawled out across the wastes and the survivors are a new generation that have only surfaced about a year ago. Their tubes were underground just north of the Eerie settlement. The laskies attempting to expand their tunnels disturbed their slumber and caused a malfunction which shut all of the machines down - forcing them to wake. Many died and the others mutated to the infection that has taken over the world.

Together they formed a pack and attempted to learn to survive in this new world with absolutely no memories of what living meant. Even though they are adults they have the mentality of blood crazed children, looking to learn all social norms and what not they never got a chance to in their awakening. Their speech is broken and sometimes they won’t understand what is said to them due to a lack of translation.

When the hunger for blood took over the Survivors started to feast on weary travelers who were caught off guard to sate their hunger. As they learned the language and began to understand customs of this new world the hunts slowly stopped. Instead, they started offering services like protection and escorting... in trade of blood.

In this new found mentality they began calling themselves the “Survivors”: to always have a constant reminder for those that were lost in the awakening and those lost in their path of their new lives. The Survivors take a great liking and sympathy to other Semper Morts and usually treat them with more kindness and respect than others. But, they’re willing to strike a deal for business if you’ve got enough blood to spare.

This tribe is constantly moving and therefore you will be unable to visit them on NPC shifts unless you are a member of their tribe. This will show your ability to find them.

If you are a interested in joining or creating a character from this family you must be a Semper Mort.