They always say Diesel Jocks are one head trauma away from being a raider, and the Turnpike Clan does one hell of a job of making this true by throwing parties that shake the grounds of the wasteland. Their leader and Overlord, Nitro TPK, reigns over them with an iron fist and a whole lot of sadistic charisma. Her people want for nothing, her enemies are left to dust, and her allies always have the upper hand. Every so often the clan will take a Road Rally that leaves them gone for at least 3 years but a small amount of their people will stay behind to maintain the Pit Stop.

Clan markings include large TPK tattoos somewhere on their face, neck or arms and they are always in plain sight. They are currently the only people who know how to cook with the tomatoes that grow in the land and have been known to make forging stations like the wastes have never seen.

The clan is taking up an area just East of Eerie. Close enough to hear the same radio stations but just long enough to be a decent walk. Your character can visit the Pit Stop during your NPC shift. This will serve as no mechanical benefit, but you will get a story to go back into game with and possibly grow NPC relations!

If you are a interested in joining or creating a character from this clan you must be a Diesel Jock. Upon character creation see one of your local Directors to receive the token for you to wear on your costume to represent your Overlord.